Competition Grade Jin Jun Mei Black Tea.

Wed, Feb 3, 2021 2-minute read

A full bodied tea with malt flavors!

vendor: yunnan sourcing

origin: fujian, china

leaf appearance: short, thin, light brown leaves

first infusion: 5-8 seconds

following infusions: +3 seconds

water temperature: 195°F | 90° C

liquor: caramelized sugar color


The leaves are short and light brown, appearing almost like short bits of string. When dry, the leaves smell of malt, cereal, and caramel. After the first infusion of the leaves, the scent of earth and wood mixes with the malt.



The liquor is a caramelized sugar, aromas of malt and brown sugar lifting from the cup. Each infusion bring notes of malt, earth, and freshly baked bread. The liquor itself is thick, providing a full mouth feel and the slight bitterness coats the back of the mouth.


This tea was very finicky to brew.

As this was not a “beginner” tea, it was difficult to produce an appealing liquor consistently. After my first session, I learned that it was best to brew in short intervals in a gaiwan. Leaving this to brew for a few seconds too long allows the tannins to accumulate, bringing out a bitterness that overpowers the more appealing flavors of the tea.

But once I learned how to properly brew this the leaves properly, the malty flavors were quite enjoyable!

Once I reduced brew time, the increasing bitterness was a slow, enjoyable journey that didn’t overpower the other flavors. The taste of malt and cereal continuous through each infusion. As the tea faded, notes of mineral and earth fill the mouth. The aromas for malt and brown sugar were consistent throughout the journey.

Overall, I quite enjoyed the malty experience.

Try again?

Yes, it made for an enjoyable first experience with Jin Jun Mei. I would however like to experience other Jin Jun Mei teas rather than add this to my collection.