wedding tea

A flavored white tea full of fruity and floral notes! vendor: harney & sons

king keemun mao feng

A dark and chocolatey tea journey. vendor: harney & sons

Ali San Oolong

Like enjoying a warm cup of cinnamon rice pudding! vendor: harney & sons

Yunnan "Zhu Ye Qing" Green Tea

A light green tea with umami-like vegetal notes. vendor: yunnan sourcing

15 Years Aged Golden Melon Ripe Pu-erh Tea Tuo

A shou puerh journey reminiscent of hiking through a damp forest.

Competition Grade Jin Jun Mei Black Tea.

A full bodied tea with malt flavors! vendor: yunnan sourcing

Premium Jin Xuan Milk Oolong Tai Hua Gao Shan Oolong Tea (Flavored).

A flavored oolong with a strong taste of milk. vendor: yunnan sourcing

Wild Tree Purple "Sweet Ya Bao" White Tea.

A unique white tea with a bright and floral taste! vendor: yunnan sourcing

Starter Gaiwan Set.

A starter gaiwan set perfect for a couple! country of origin: china

A journey into tea.

Welcome to my journey into the world of tea. As we come into the new year, I’ve set a goal for myself to find a new hobby that I could be passionate about.