Wild Tree Purple "Sweet Ya Bao" White Tea.

Wed, Jan 20, 2021 2-minute read

A unique white tea with a bright and floral taste!

vendor: yunnan sourcing

origin: yunnan, china

leaf appearance: bright green with purple tips

first infusion: 20 seconds

following infusions: +10 seconds

water temperature: 185°F | 85° C

liquor: almost clear


The leaves are a mixture of medium and long buds with colors of green and purple. The aroma of the dry leaves is bright and floral. When rinsed, the warm leaves give out a stronger aroma, exuding notes of florals.



The liquor was surprisingly sweet and delicate. With an almost clear liqour, aromas of cucumber fill the nose. Flavors of cucumber, melon, and white florals are consistent throughout each infusion, with a tinge of sourness coating the tongue. A slight astringency appeared towards the last of the infusions, but no bitterness could be found during this tea session.

Highly recommend for tea drinkers that enjoy sweet and floral flavors.


This was such a unique and enjoyable tea experience! While I may not have had too many white teas in my tea journey, I’ve never tasted or smelled anything like the liquor that this tea produces. If I could summarize this experience in one word, it would be “bright”. The scent just hits you the second you open the bag. The dry leaves give of a complex mixture of cucumber and rose - like you’re walking through a garden. The flavor was delightful sip after sip, the notes of melon, cucumber, and flowers lingering on the tongue. The sweetness and lack of bitterness was the most surprising part. I’m used to tasting a slight bitterness in the teas I drink, but I couldn’t find any at all - even towards the last infusions.

This tea would definitely be enjoyable iced - something I’ll surely try during those hot summer months!

Try again?

Yes! This is a tea that I will definitely (continue to) add to my collection!