Ali San Oolong

Tue, Mar 2, 2021 One-minute read

Like enjoying a warm cup of cinnamon rice pudding!

vendor: harney & sons

origin: chiayi, taiwan

leaf appearance: tightly rolled balls

first infusion: 25 seconds

following infusions: +5 seconds

water temperature: 210°F | 99° C

liquor: pale yellow


The leaves are tightly rolled, green buds. The scent of cream and vegetal notes exude from the dry leaves. When rinsed, the warm leaves give out a stronger aroma. The leaves unravel as more infusions are completed.



The liquor was a pale yellow with a strong scent of cream, rice, and cinnamon. That same flavor is heavy and consistent throughout each infusion with a slight sweetness and astringency coating the tongue. Vegetal notes appear stronger in later infusions.


This tea was such a warming experience!

I’m a fan of sweets - and this tea was like drinking dessert. It reminded me of a hot horchata or bowl or cinnamon rice pudding. The vegetal flavor that appears at the end of each reminds you that you’re actually drinking tea - surprising you with how complex the mixture of flavors are.

I highly recommend trying this tea at least once!

Try again?

Yes! This is a tea that I would certainly add to my collection to drink on cold, autumn days.