wedding tea

Mon, Mar 15, 2021 2-minute read

A flavored white tea full of fruity and floral notes!

vendor: harney & sons

tea ingredients: mutan white tea, vanilla flavor, lemon flavor, pink rosebuds, rose petals

first infusion: 2-3 minutes

following infusions: +1 minute, up to 2 additional infusions

water temperature: 185°F | 85° C

liquor: dark yellow


The tea is a mixture broken white tea leaves, pink rosebuds, and rose petals with a heavy scent of lemon and flowers.



The liquor was very sweet and slightly tangy. With a dark yellow liquor, aromas of lemon, vanilla, and flowers fill the senses. Those same aromas appear as flavors in the tea, coating the tongue with a slight astringency and tang. Due to the added flavors of this tea, little bitterness can be found in this tea unless it’s over-steeped.

Recommended for tea drinkers that enjoy sweet and strong lemon flavors.


This is my first review of a flavored tea in this blog. While there are many vendors out there who craft flavored teas, Harney & Sons was one that I actively sought out as I had never tried their teas before and they had such good reviews!

While this tea isn’t the most popular at Harney & Sons, it’s quite refreshing to say the least!

The tea is added with lemon and vanilla, flavors that are very prevalent in the liquor’s aroma and taste. The tang is slight and doesn’t cause your mouth to pucker. The vanilla is more of an afterthought, complemented by the pieces of rose strewn about in the leaf mixture.

This tea is a lovely treat that would pair very well with cream and scones!

Try again?

Yes but with Harney & Sons' large collection of teas, it would make for a much more exciting tea journey to explore their other flavors.